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“When we looked at the amount of tuition we kind of hung our heads and wondered what in the world are we going to do. By working with ACFA, we made this dream, of sending my child to college, come true. Their always friendly and they help me right away. They made phone calls when I didn’t know who to contact, found some of the information that just wasn’t readily available to parents, and went through all the forms. They’re always friendly and they always help me right away!”
  (Susan – Technology Director for School)
“I was impressed by the honesty, the sincerity, they truly cared about me. I’ve completely changed my whole outlook on finances. I’m helping both my sons in college, they are working and helping themselves, they are going to get out of college practically debt free and I am going to be debt free. I just can’t even imagine anything like that! With the certified American College Funding Association workshops and advisors, you don’t get one person, you don’t get two people, you get a whole lot of options! I keep finding out more and more and I can’t believe that only one service can truly help every aspect of my financial life.”
  (Gail – High School Math Teacher)
“The first meeting my whole family went to was very informative. We talked about finances and so many other things! I didn’t know how someone keeps their money can make a big difference, with loans, scholarships, and other financial aid that is available, but it does! They didn’t pressure us and they answered all my questions! That’s what made us decide to use their services. My Favorite thing about The ACFA Certified Workshop and Advisor is that they have a program that prepared the FAFSA for me, filled out all my extra forms, and made sure I met all the deadlines! I would recommend their services to anyone and if you just want the basics, I would recommend going to a workshop!”
  (Chelsea, Hopkins High School)
“I was a Junior in High School when I first met with my ACFA certified advisor and was very worried about finding the right school. They gave me answers to everything that I was thinking about and I didn’t feel pressure at all! I changed my mind practically everyday and each time, they would start over from scratch and find me everything about the program I needed and other financial aid information, they are very helpful! I love having meetings with them! Everyone there is so friendly, they know me by name and always offer me coffee! When I’m at my meetings I just feel like everything is about me and I always come out and feel better about myself and my future. If someone is thinking about going to a workshop or setting up a meeting I would say GO FOR IT! You can only gain from the experience!”
  (Mark., Sophomore at Albion College)